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I. Background and purpose
Plant factory is a kind of agricultural facilities production mode emerging in the 21st century. It can be widely used in the annual planting and cultivation of flowers, vegetables, medicinal materials and seedlings. It is a modern agricultural sustainable production system built with high technology. In this production system, three-dimensional cultivation techniques are used for annual production. The output of plants is tens or even hundreds of times that of traditional agriculture. Chemical agriculture is replaced by physical agriculture technologies to kill insects and sterilize plants, so that the quality of plants can be green or even organic; the resource recycling technology has not only improved the utilization rate of various resources, but also achieved zero emission and pollution, and the quality of the produced plants has reached green or even organic. With the further reduction of the application cost of plant artificial radiation sources (PARS) based on LED lighting technology, the smart LED plant factory will have a golden period of development. With the increase in population, deterioration of the environment, and food safety issues, the prospects for the future development of the plant industry will be promising. At this stage, the adjustment and transformation of agricultural structure are the established decisions of the Party and the government. Plant factories have been incorporated into the national 863 program and have entered a phase of rapid development. The plant factory will have the best period of opportunity.
Agricultural lighting refers to the use of artificial light to create a suitable light environment or make up for the insufficiency of natural light in accordance with the requirements of agricultural organisms’ light environment and agricultural production in various fields. It is a kind of agricultural engineering measure which regulates the growth, development and reproduction of agricultural organisms in order to achieve agricultural production targets of “quality, high-yield, high-efficiency, ecological, and safe”. The application of agricultural lighting is very extensive, with a market size of over RMB 100 billion. First of all, in the field of facility horticulture, the cultivated area of horticultural facilities in China has reached 4.1 million hectares. The area of artificial light cultivation (group culture, plant factories, edible fungus factories) has reached 2,000 hectares or more, and the output value has reached trillions of RMB, which is increasing year by year. Secondly, in the livestock and aquaculture industry in 2011, the output value of poultry raising and aquaculture in our country has reached RMB 650 billion and RMB 565.1 billion respectively. In addition, artificial lighting is also widely used in the offshore fisheries for fish trapping and insect trapping. In the past five years, China's agricultural lighting (especially semiconductor lighting) has witnessed rapid progress in R&D and industrialization. The market scale is very impressive, with significant industrial and social benefits, and a promising development prospect but also it needs to be guided, standardized, and promoted.
Therefore, in order to guide the healthy development of China's plant factories and agricultural lighting industry, promote the technological innovation of China's plant factories and agricultural lighting industry, accelerate the R&D and industrial development of China's plant factories and agricultural lighting technology and equipment, and improve international competitiveness, organized by the Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture, CAAS, Fujian Zhongke Biology Co., Ltd. titled “2019 China International Plant Factory and Agricultural Lighting Expo (Simultaneous Convening Second National Plant Factory High Efficient And Lndustry Development Forum )” will be held on September 25-27,2019 at the Shanghai everbright convention & exhibition center. At that time, many industry leaders and elites will gather here to share cutting-edge hot spots and information, display advanced products and technologies, promote technological exchanges and trade cooperation among the majority of companies, and jointly create new opportunities for the development of the plant and agricultural lighting industry markets. Extensive exhibition activities and huge buyer resources will surely become the best platform for you to promote sales, expand publicity channels, display company image, and increase brand awareness.


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