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Contact (Exhibition): Aaohe Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86 21 6601 2891
Fax: +86 21 6601 2890
Contact Person: WAN Jie 13321995529

Contact (Forum): Beijing Nongkeboyan Agricultural Technology Research Institute
Telephone: 18311336070
Contact Person: LIU Wenke


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Standard booth (3m*3m)

Luxury standard booth (3m*3m)

Basic price of open space (area no less than 36m2)

Domestic enterprises

CNY 12,000 / booth / exhibition period

CNY 16,800 /booth / exhibition period

CNY 1,200/㎡/ exhibition period

Overseas enterpeises

USD 3,600 /booth / exhibition period

USD 5,000 /booth / exhibition period

USD 360/㎡/ exhibition period

Note: 1. Standard booth: including exhibition space, 2.5 high wall version, fascia board production, 9-square-meter carpet, one negotiation table, two chairs, one 220V power socket, and two fluorescent lamps. Exhibitors who choose dual-opening booths need to pay extra 20% of the booth fee.

2, luxury special standard: uniform refined decoration, company LOGO.
3. The specially-installed booth is bare ground, with no less than 36 m2. It does not include any facilities and does not include management fees and rental fees for water and electricity rentals that the exhibition hall charges.
Advertisement: Size 210*140, import coated paper, fine print color page and illustrations. The ads are mainly distributed to industry associations, visitors and related departments.







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Inflatable arch

¥8,000/ each

Air balloon



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