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Contact (Exhibition): Aaohe Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86 21 6601 2891
Fax: +86 21 6601 2890
Contact Person: WAN Jie 13321995529

Contact (Forum): Beijing Nongkeboyan Agricultural Technology Research Institute
Telephone: 18311336070
Contact Person: LIU Wenke


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For the convenience of the industry by the international influence of this exhibition, display of enterprise strength, enhance brand image, the exhibition effective sponsorship package, will give you in front of the exhibition, exhibition in, and after the exhibition to bring more business opportunities, the increase of the exhibition effect.AD hoc four levels: diamond, platinum, gold, silver for the (on request).Sponsors will receive the following benefits: low exposure through effective market more contact with the target customer's exposure to obtain higher than its competitors low with the attitude of industry leaders to participate in industry event to promote the brand image and low degree through a new platform to establish sales network, increase trade opportunities


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