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Contact (Exhibition): Aaohe Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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Contact (Forum): Beijing Nongkeboyan Agricultural Technology Research Institute
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As the only professional Expo in the field of plant factories and agricultural lighting in China, this exposition will actively develop the style of “a clear theme, outstanding features, focus on practical results, and continuous innovation” to speed up the R&D and industrial development of plant factories and agricultural lighting technical equipment in China, and improve the international competitiveness of technical equipment. This exposition has also launched domestic well-known companies and cost-effective products and has quickly occupied major domestic markets. It will be the best platform for industry participants to “understand industry information, grasp market trends, display corporate brand, expand trade channels, and seek cooperation opportunities.”

Leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs from relevant departments of the national agricultural sector, industry associations, etc., will make forward-looking interpretations of the latest policies, technological frontiers, and vanguard products for the development of plant factories and agricultural lighting industry, and provide policy guidelines for industrial development.

The Expo (Forum) involves academic research, information consultation, educational training, product development, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and investment and financing cooperation among plant factories and agricultural lighting industries. It is conducive to the promotion of six in one “environmental facilities, three-dimensional forms, energy-saving resources, integrated technology, digitalized process, and intelligent management”, making the benefits of participating better.

The expo will establish cooperated relation with plant factories and agricultural lighting industry associations and commercial associations from more than 20 countries and regions including Japan, Korea, the United States, Singapore, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Russia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Greece, Iran, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and actively organize international buyers and sellers to exhibit and visit.

This expo set up multi-dimensional service methods such as project display, professional forum, online publicity (news release), brand building, achievement transformation, application promotion, etc. to ensure the effectiveness, authority and credibility of the Expo (Forum).

This expo focusses on the popular topics such as plant factories and agricultural lighting industry policy research, investment opportunities and value, industrial chain ecosystem operation service strategies, how to develop sustainable operations, how to face the big data era of mobile internet, achievement protection, transformation, and application, etc. and works for industry sustainable development.

7.Industry Focus
Leaders, academicians, experts and scholars, and related well-known enterprises and institutions participated are specially invited for the gathering.

Based on Shanghai, facing the country, connecting the world, building a plant factory and agricultural lighting industry integration service platform, establish a platform brand.

9.New model
Establish a brand-new service platform for the 2018 China International Plant Factory and Agricultural Lighting Expo, continuing the advantages of the platform, setting up post-network services and information integration, adopting the method of offline promotion to promote the development of B2B, B2C, and C2C, and building plant factories and agricultural lighting industry chains resource database.

10 Wide influence
This expo will invite CCTV-1, CCTV-4, CCTV-7, China Agricultural TV, People's Daily, Guangming Online, China Daily, China News Service, Global Times, Economic Daily, China Business Journal, China Financial and Economic News, Science and Technology Daily, AgriGoods Herald, Northern Agricultural Goods, Farmers' Daily, Morning News,, Xinhuanet,,, Sina, Sohu,, ,, China Agriculture Network,,,,,,, and more than 90 media to cover the exposition.


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