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Contact (Exhibition): Aaohe Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86 21 6601 2891
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Contact (Forum): Beijing Nongkeboyan Agricultural Technology Research Institute
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1. Plant factory equipment: greenhouse equipment, plant factory intelligent control system, substrate, plant factory automation equipment, plant protection system, plant sound-promotion instrument, intelligent internet of Things, soilless culture equipment, air-conditioning temperature control system, ventilation pipe system, etc.
2. Liquid supply system: nutrient solution formula, water-soluble fertilizer, nutrient solution supply system, nutrient solution dispenser, liquid circulation support, nutrient solution disinfection and filtration equipment, nutrient solution detection equipment, etc.
3.Cultivation systems: cultivation equipment, cultivation boards, fog cultivation equipment, three-dimensional planting racks, planting cotton, planting cups, cultivation beds, substrate culture, water culture and other cultivation water supply equipment;
4. Supplementary lighting system: light formula, plant fill light, nursery stand, seed storage box, LED plant light source and artificial light source, light source intelligent control system;
5. Sensors: temperature sensors, light sensors, air humidity sensors, C02 concentration sensors, PH sensors, nutrient concentration EC value sensors and other sensors;
6. Featured plant factories: container-type plant growth cabinets, commercial and household plant growth boxes, research plant growth boxes, and fish and poultry symbiosis equipment;
7. Agricultural lightning: LED plant growing lights, LED plant light sources, artificial light source lighting for livestock and poultry farms, fish trapping lights, selective pest traplights;


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